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Women supporting women

Dear beautiful woman, thank you for being in my world right now.
You might have been here a bunch of times or you might have just found me, yeiii! I am stoked our souls are finally reunited.

Before I tell you about my work, I want to speak to the 'queen' in you.
The woman who knows what she wants
The woman who is unavailable for drama
The woman who values freedom & impact
The woman who has passion and fierce love
The woman who takes success as her only option
The woman who says YES to life and all that it takes

I see you, I am you and I made it my business to support you as you are stepping into that true light and purposeful life, you know is available to you.

All you have to do is allow your queen to say YES to abundance!

Besides being the most knowledgeable mentor I’ve ever had, Sabrina is kind and patient beyond words. I sincerely value the abundance and confidence her wisdom has sparked in my life. As someone who naturally defaults to introversion and people-pleasing tendencies, I have steadily watched my life transform through Sabrina’s votes of confidence and support. She is as authentic as they come and I am eternally appreciative!
— Sameena Nadaf

personal mentoring with sabrina weber

This is not your standard coaching program. This is you and me co-creating, visualising &

implementing what it takes!

Side effects may include: High Vibes!

I see you, I really do. You've been at it for a hot second but things just don't quite flow yet. It feels like a hard grind vs freedom & choices and quite frankly, giving up has been on your mind a few times. You keep thinking it just can’t be THAT hard, your soul knows there is so much more available to you but why is it not flowing?!
You are on this stop ‘n go game where some money comes in but then, puff, gone. You are hitting some goals here and there but mostly you are pushing shitt up the hill, you might even feel like you just don’t have what it takes.

Girlfriend! I hear you, I have SO been there and it kinda stinks.

I also know that you are one of us! You are different you have that stand out personality, you look at all these so called strategies out there and all you want to say is fuck this shit! But then how??

The good news is, you believe enough in yourself and your message that you are reading this and seeking help. Which is exactly WHY you will make it happen, you are NOT the giving up kinda chick! You are freakin’ enlightened enough to know exactly when you are standing in your own way, enough is enough! You know there is more and you are ready to move past your own bs, put on your big girl panties and get to business.

Ok, here is how it works:
You buy a minimum of three months worth of mentoring with me - most clients will extend well past that time frame but I do require you to commit to 3-months for a descent head start -.

Your 3 months consist of:
- 1x 90min deep dive (get some level of common ground)
- 6x 60min sessions 1:1 (this is where we get to work!)
- As a High Level Client you also get to private message me a.n.y.t.i.m.e you want throughout the time of us working together.
(I give feedback, review your stuff, celebrate with you, bust those blocks…)
- Juicy bonuses and surprises, of course!

Price for these initial three months is $4,900 NZD (payment plans available). $1,111 NZD for each recurring month after that if you choose to stick around.

Here are some topics we typically touch on:

Private mentoring content suggestions

+ Mindset & Money
+ Manifestation
+ Target Market/Niche
+ Offers & Pricing
+ Branding/Website
+ Selling
+ Content creation
+ Strategies
+ Apps & Tools
+ Behind the scenes
+ Lifestyle
+ Relationships

and more...

Sabrina provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring and I can’t thank her enough for having such a positive impact on my direction. Sabrina mentored me through my fears and anxiety of moving forward in my business and leaping into my own business full-time I have never looked back. In less than the 8 weeks, Sabrina helped me optimize my website’s key messages call’s to action, redesigned my service portfolio and encouraged me to value my services. I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time.
— Justine Laidlaw

To qualify for this level of support and access to me I require you to meet these two criterias: 1) You must already be earning at least $4k + per month. 2) You must be willing to do the damn work. If you can’t tick off that income yet but you are super committed and certain that this is where you belong, I am open to hear from you anyway.

It's time isn't it?
I fully believe that things, people and opportunities come our way at the perfect time. So the fact that you are here and still reading tells me that this is in fact your next step, amiright?
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