Declutter your biz & polish your message

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A 3 week deep dive

I am so excited your soul has led you to this page!
Over the last year or so - basically since birthing a mini human - I have experienced some major shifts in the way I do business and life in general. In a good way!

It has manifested in ways that I was only dreaming about before. I am finally calling in ONLY epic soulmate kind of clients like yourself who just get it. There is no longer a need for me to try and sell, convince or push for anything at all. It’s ease, flow and inspired action.

Clear messaging
Clarity on my next steps
Epic clients
Money flow

It’s like a switch has gone on and there is no returning!

I want that for you too, if you are here reading this page then I am pretty confident that these things are very much within reach for you as well.

Here is what you will receive:
Over 3 weeks we declutter your house aka your business and polish your messaging, so that the right energies can flow freely and you open the floodgates to abundance.

  • Welcome video

  • 6 x audio trainings from me guiding you on the action to take

Your investment for this three week IMMERSION is $375.00 nzd.

Sabrina, I want the VIP treatment!
The VIP option unlocks a bonus 1:1 session with me reviewing your progress.
VIP investment is $499.00

Clear up your messaging
Declutter your page and offerings

It’s all there for you, babe!

Email me now to grab your spot hello@highvibemommy.co
or private message me on my personal Fb page.