do you suffer from website shame?
are your marketing materials a visual nightmare or NON-EXISTENT?
i am here to help!


Combine design with business mentoring and you are looking right at 'my' secret sauce. Booom!

I am pleased to offer you the beautiful blend of my design and business coaching skills, which means you will not only have a pretty website but one that actually works FOR you and helps to attract your dream clients!
This is a unique offer you will not find anywhere else, usually, you might hire a designer and an expensive copywriter and maybe you dare to invest in a business mentor as well but they are disjointed!
Which makes this process extremely difficult and expensive for you and, often results in wasted
money, time and energy on all sides due to double handling.
Say no more! I am supporting you in this whole process, empowering you to find your own voice.
Think about it, no one knows your business as well as you do, right!? So why have someone else pretend to be you if it can all come from YOUR authentic heart instead?

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My superpowers lie in mindset, visual brand strategy, conscious social media, work life design and online business strategies. I am a big thinker, visionary and risk taker, let’s team up! - Sabrina xx

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Did you know I have a beginners design course?

The basics every BossBabe needs to know!


“I could not be happier with my entire experience with Sabrina. from start to finish she was supportive, generous, kind, creative, witty And the end product is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for, better than I was able to articulate or envision it.”

- Megan Nielsen

I felt Sabrina really listened to and understood what I was needing. She then enthusiastically went about delivery a professional and visually beautiful product that very much encompassed my own style.
— Bernadette Marama

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Latest client projects:

Irma wanted a sleek and 'grown up' look but not miss out on her rebellious side! Her message is powerful, the brand needed to match this.

Lucy is a total gardening and holistic living goddess, the look needed to be clean and organic. This is her first ever blog, started with a curious mind…

Lee asked me for a minimalistic one page scrolling site. Easy to navigate and to the point, I think we nailed it! Take a look for yourself…

As a medium and spiritual guide, Cristina pays a lot of attention to the colours and elements surrounding her brand. The feminine look we achieved with the potent purple and splashes of gold are a match in heaven.

Petra is a busy mumma, passionate cook and made it her mission to connect women back to their inner voice and charisma.
We just launched phase #1 of her website while she continues with the creation of incredible resources to share with us. I love the feminine elegance we’ve achieved with this colour concept!

Amy's brief was simple: "keep it simple". Collaborating with the corporate world meant that we needed to appeal to that market. The minimalistic look with an ocean element of New Zealand ticks that box.

Megan must be one of the most trained and diversely skilled acupuncturist I have come across. Bringing her holistic practice ‘online’ has been such a pleasure.


"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand." -paul Rand


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From start to launch Sabrina really made the process of creating my amazing website so easy. She is very knowledgeable & was happy to support me whenever I had any questions. My website landing page is so much more than what I expected, before I started try to create one myself. It was totally worth every cent having Sabrina design my website - it looks so professional & I love everything about it.
— Lee Grimmer