The downfalls of productivity

Epic jewels by

Epic jewels by


Let’s talk about productivity, shall we?!

Have you ever considered the fact that a task usually takes as long as we let it… aka allocate to it?

In school I used to be the eleventh hour kinda chick who somehow always passed and always submitted #allthethings but at like the very last second possible. I was like “why do it now if I can do it in the morning before school or at the desk even?!” 😄

Well, I needed the thrill I guess.
And the thing is I still do, not much has changed.

I launch things before I created any content for it, then when the first sell comes in I take that as the push to get busy, it works for me.

See the thing is this, - and you might resonate on some level - if I just sit down with the task of creating an offer and content for it without knowing anyone will actually want to buy the thing, I just don’t have enough motivation to do it. And most of all, I then have no deadline to work towards and as a result IT will never get finished or end up having this halfased energy behind it which of course does NOT SELL.

Are you doing this?

Why not see if anyone actually wants to buy your ebook on topic x and then when they do you give yourself 24h to create it? Crazy? Well, maybe but I promise you, your badass energy and excitement will come through in the content. WIN!!

Here is a bonus tip.
If your energy is off, feeling blah. Your offers aren’t selling and you just feel stuck… INVEST IN YOURSELF! Honestly the thrill and excitement of learning new things and maybe getting accountability will kick your ass into gear every time. Sometimes we need to be pulled out of the rabbit hole instead of waiting to somehow magically get out of it ourselves.
Also it doesn’t always have to be a $10k program right, anything that feels right and aligned for you will do the trick.
A course
A book
A mentor

We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results!