Slowing down to speed up

Sabrina Weber in Spiritual Gangster

You know what lovely, sometimes we just need to slow the fuck down in order to get shit done. Agree?

I mean how on earth are going to get anything done properly, with meaning and passion if all you seem to be doing is catching up, just keeping from drowning with a head so full of confusion because there is zero space for you to listen to soul?

Yeah , yeah , keep lying to yourself.

Keep pretending that you are fine, you’ve got this. After all this is just what adulting is about, right?


You do have a damn choice!
But it’s yours to make.

Allow yourself a time out. Claim the fucking right to refill your own damn cup! Sometime maybe just over a year into motherhood, I remember a friend asking me if I am making sure to fill my own cup too… I laughed hysterically and replied that the only cup in my life that’s full is my Moon Cup!! It was kinda funny, a good joke. But really it sucked. I felt like a wilting flower having all life sucked out of her and I desperately needed to hear what I am telling you right now.

That it’s ok in fact required for you to claim yourself back, if you ever want to REALLY move forward and REALLY create that OTHER LIFE YOU KEEP DREAMING OF.

Do you really think that by keeping on and keeping on and burning that candle on both ends, anything magical or remotely fulfilling is going to come out of it? Yeah, nah….

And look, it has nothing to do with what your exact situation is.
Maybe you need a break from motherhood like I did, maybe you are working waaayyyy too much, still believing that mad hustle is the answer to all glory, maybe you are trying to kick your side hustle into gear… Whatever it may be, what I know for sure is this:

If you are feeling frustrated.
Easily irritated.
You don’t sleep.
Or you don’t even remotely remember who the fuck you actually are.

Then you really need to take a step back and slow the fuck down.
Remove yourself from the picture, take an outside perspective.
Create space to think, listen and follow soul.

What exactly that looks like for you, only you know.

You are so worthy of this.
Be bold and claim your rights, the world won’t end.
Your people will be fine.
Let go….
Just for a moment, then start remembering who the fuck you are.

Live Big!