Let's talk SEO for lifestyle brands! Tricks and hacks to increase your organic reach

Latest SEO tips and tricks for lifestyle brands by Highvibemommy.co

Are you breaking out in sweats just by hearing the three letters, SEO?!
Then this article is totally for you my dear. I hope to cut out the anxiety piece of SEO aka search engine optimization and break it down into not so scary and totally implementable tips, tricks and hacks that will help you boost that organic reach for your lifestyle business and blog.

There are plenty of people out there making money by selling you their SEO advice and sure, some are legit and fab but I reckon, for the most part, just do the things we will cover today and you will see a good increase in your organic reach and not break your bank! (even my tech nerd hubby said everything beyond that is just trying to mess with algorithms and therefore absolutely pointless, as they change like all the time!) 

Also, it's important I think, that we keep our content real and relevant to our readers! Write with humans (your readers) in mind not just SEO.


Keywords are basically like your Instagram hashtags. Think about keywords that are relevant for the article you are writing AND for the audience you want this article to see. Ask yourself what would someone be entering into their Google search when looking for what you provide an answer to in your post?
Here is an example, if my post title is "How to use Instagram for your business + my 5 go to Insta apps". I might have some keywords like VSCO, business tips, social media tips... 
Hot Tip! Use Displaypurposes.com to find relevant hashtags then pick the ones you think work best for your keyword list.

displaypurposes. finding the best hashtags and keywords for your blog, via highvibemommy.co

Once you have a keyword list for your article, try to incorporate them into the title and body text of your blog post in an elegant way, make sure it all makes sense and does not sound like you are just listing keywords! yuck! 
If you use Squarespace you can also add your keywords into a tag cloud that is hidden from the reader.

The Slug! (www.highvibemommy.co/this-is-the-slug)
Here is another great way to be smart about your blogging.
On Squarespace, you can edit the slug and have it display something different to what the post title may be. The date of your post is not relevant or useful in the slug at all, instead make it either the same as your blog title or something shorter. For example, this post will have the simple slug: /seo-tips

Most blogging platforms will allow you to edit the excerpt. If you don't do that it will simply pull the first sentence from your blog, which may or may not be ideal.
The excerpt is the small paragraph that is displayed in the Google search results, under the link and is probably the make it or break it point for your article! This gives the searcher an idea of how relevant your article is for what he is looking for. While you can include keywords here, also just speak to your ideal audience. Here is what the Excerpt for this SEO article looks like:

What is an excerpt and why do I need it for SEO?

This opportunity is often missed!! Any image you upload to your website and blog has an image description. Often it might look something like this: (Image_36894.png) now, this is not useful at all! Depending on your site this image description might show when hovering over the image but it's also being picked up by the Google Crawlers! So again, think keywords and relevant description. Take it even further and write this with Pinterest in mind! As this is the info that will show if your image gets pinned. Make it count.
Oh, and text that has been added over an image before uploading, for example, a Canva file or similar cannot be read by our lovely Google crawlers. (I totally picture them as cute little ladybugs, hahaha)


Phheeewww! That wasn't so bad, was it?
Apply these tips everytime you write content for your site and it will become second nature. 

Bonus tip:
Check your Google Analytics, it will tell you what search terms have brought people to your site, good to know right!?

If you found this helpful, please share the article with your blogger friends and pin it for future use. Leave me a comment below, I looove hearing from you! What did you learn? What was most useful to you?

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Want your own beautiful Squarespace website at a 20% discount? Talk to me today, I am accepting a handful of design projects every quarter.