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are you dreaming of a career + lifestyle you obsessively love and feel proud of?

stop oneday-ing this shit!
You and I know that what you want is a decision away, let’s unleash your soul work + success lifestyle, now.

My mindset + manifestation mentoring is honest, raw and on point.
No fluff, no bs.

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Working with Sabrina has been amazing for me and getting my business on the right path. In such a short space of time, I gained so much clarity and confidence about what I’m doing and this made me more excited to get into the creative making side again.

Sabrina is a wealth of business knowledge but she is sensitive to you as a person, I love the way that she has helped me to fit the business into the rest of my life instead of the other way around. She is an absolute blessing and will change your life!
— K. Calder

Am realizing how I’m on the verge of a mindset shift.
— Frauke Kasper
Highvibe Mommy Co by Sabrina Weber. Web design and business consulting nz

Hi, I'm Sabrina

I'm a hopeless daydreamer who lives in yoga pants, is fuelled by cold coffee, all things fruity and swiss chocolate. I am a wife to a handsome surfer and mommy to Indigo. I am an introvert, pilates addict and luxe loving hippie, you find me barefoot in our tree house in New Zealand.
I am an INFP personality, and you?

| more about me |

I was called to create Highvibemommy.co as a place of kick-assery and inspiration for the big thinkers, healers, influencers, artists and visionaries amongst us. I attract and surround myself with the kind of women like yourself, who take success as their only option, act from SOUL rather than fear and are not afraid to be wealthy in ALL areas of their lives.

I could not be happier with my entire experience with Sabrina- from start to finish she was supportive, generous, kind, creative, witty. And the end product is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for, better than I was able to articulate or envision it.
— Megan Nielsen

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Besides being the most knowledgeable mentor I’ve ever had, Sabrina is kind and patient beyond words.
I’ve had the deep honor of her gentle presence in my life over the past several years as she’s guided me firmly yet non-judgementally through many of life’s twists and turns. I sincerely value the abundance and confidence her wisdom has sparked in my life. As someone who naturally defaults to introversion and people-pleasing tendencies, I have steadily watched my life transform through Sabrina’s votes of confidence and support. I can honestly say that I’d not be graduating from a leading health coach course and in the midst of starting my own business if it were not for Sabrina. She is as authentic as they come and I am eternally appreciative!
— Sameena Nadaf

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